The Roger Patterson Sighting of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a scary monster also known as the Yeti or Abonimable Snowman in the Himalayas.It is an ape-like creature that roams around the Northwest USA.Today, it is the most popular cryptid in cryptozoology.

Sightings of Bigfoot first came from Native American tribes in North America durring Pre-Columbian times.Bigfoot is described as a 7-8 ft tall ape with lots of hair and weighs over 300 pounds! It is named Bigfoot after the large footprints he has left in the forest(recorded to be at least 10 ft wide!).The most popular Bigfoot sighting comes from Roger Patterson which is posted right here.Bigfoot also makes several appearances in the media.

Similar cryptids include the Yeti from the Himalayas,the Skunk Ape of Florida,the Yeren of China,the Austrilian Yowie, and Canadian version of the U.S Bigfoot, the Sasquatch.