Carmen Winstead is a chain letter about a teenager who died in a sewer and will kill anyone who doesn't repost her story on Facebook.

Carmen was a 17 yr old girl who moved to Indiana with her parents.She left her friends and had to attend a new school.Eventually Carmen had a hard time making friends but began talking to 5 popular girls she taught were her friends.It wasnt long before Carmen figured out they were spreading rumors about her behind her back.                    

   Eventually the girls began bullying her every day.She was called names,pouring yogurt in her backpack, and stuffing dog poop in her pockets.After lunch the school was having a fire drill and the 5 girls taught this was the perfect way to emberrase Carmen.When the alarm rang they all went to Carmen near an open sewer drain and pushed her down.At first everyone laughed but only to realize she didnt climb back.The police and ambulance arrived only to find Carmen's dead corpse covered in muck and poop.That night all 5 girls were found dead in the same sewer drain along with several other dead students.A chain letter says if you dont repost her story on Facebook she will kill you in the exact same way.


She's ALIVE!!!