The Kuchisake Onna , A.K.A the Slit Mouth Woman, is a scary Japanese urban legend about a beautiful woman with a disfigured face.

The classical legend and story goes like this:

There was once a woman was stunningly gorgeous, but equally as vain. Her husband was a powerful, yet jealous, pig. One day, the pig husband felt that his wife was cheating on him and slit her mouth open from ear to ear and told her "Who will think you're beautiful now?" In grief, she killed herself. Today, the Kuchisake Onna wanders around the streets of Japan wearing a mask over her mouth. This is common during Flu Season in Japan to prevent disease spreading to others. She will stop by and ask you "Am I Beautiful?".Before you answer, she will rip off her mask and show her mouth slit from ear to ear with sharp teeth and a nasty twirling worm.She will ask you then "Am I cool Now?". If you say yes, she will slit your mouth from ear to ear and if you say no, she will slice your head off using her large pair of scissors.

The Kuchisake Onna

There are a few ways to escape the Kuchisake Onna. When she asks you the question, you can tell her "You look average." She will be confused and will buy you some time to escape.You can also give her some candy or sweets to escape from her.If you ask her "Am I Beautiful", she will be confused and you're free to escape.

Although the classical legend tells of a jealous husband, some say the Kuchisake Onna was a woman who was in a car accident and her mouth was slit from ear to ear. Others say it was the result of a plastic surgery gone wrong. Sightings of the Kuchisake Onna began around 1979 where reports of a masked woman was responsible for killing children. Schools were closed and people began panicking. In 2004, there were reports of a masked woman killing children in South Korea.