The Mothman

The Mothman is an unexplained creature who has appeared before major world disasters.

The Mothman sightings first began around 1966 on November when 2 young couples were driving on Route 62 past a WW2 TNT Factory.Both couples stopped driving an found 2 red lights inside the factory that turned out to be 2 red glowing eyes of a large moth like creature.Mothman is described as a 5 ft tall half man half moth creature with large red glowing eyes.After the sighting,more reports of Mothman followed and the WW2 TNT Factory became known as Mothman's Lair.

However, the Mothman finally reached it's climax and end.On December 1967, the Silver Bridge had collapsed killing 46 people and shocking the nation.After the collapse,Mothman sightings in WV finally stopped.Wether he is a warning or bringer of doom,Mothman has been sighted in major world disasters including 9/11 and Tsunami Earthquake of Japan.