The Poisoned Ghost

Oiwa, AKA the Poisoned Ghost, is one of the most popular Japanese urban legends about a woman who was poisoned by her husband and her ghost returns for revenge.

Oiwa was a beautiful Japanese woman who fell in love with a poor man named Iemon. She didnt care that he was poor and she loved him so much. After the two had hooked up, Iemon decided to marry a rich woman named Oume. The problem was that Iemon was already married and Oiwa was pregnant. So one day he had a plan. One night, Iemon and Oiwa were having dinner but it wasn't long when Oiwa had food poisoning, all planned by Iemon. After that, Iemon and Oume planned to get married.

To get rid of Oiwa, Iemon pushed her off a cliff and Oiwa was dead. However, every night Iemon saw the ghost of Oiwa hissing Betrayal!. During the marriage, Iemon found Oiwa hissing Betrayal! again. Iemon pulled out his sword and decapitated her. But in horror, he decapitated Oume and not Oiwa! Later on he hid in his Granpa's house and also decapitated him while hearing Oiwa laughing evily. He ran off to a cliff, where Oiwa pushed him off to death.