The Yeti AKA Abonimable Snowman

The Yeti,A.K.A Abonimable Snowman, is a mysterious creature reported to be living in the Himalayas Mountains of Tibet.In Tibet, Yeti means "Guardian of the Himalayas.

The first Yeti sighting began in 1925 when a Greek photographer in the Himalayas found a strange creature walking in the snow.The Yeti resembles an 8 ft gorilla with white or brown fur and weighs at least 350 lbs.Several footprints and hair samples of the Yeti have been found.

A possible explaination is Gigantopethicus, a prehistoric ape that lived in Asia during the Ice Age.Most cryptozoologists agree that the Gigantopethicus has survived the Ice Age and is responsible for the Yeti.